Mila Ro & Co

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Who Are We?
My name is Miranda and I am a mama to two rad humans, Jeremiah and Mila (hence, the name) and I am LOVING their "dada".
As a mom, I was tired of paying for overpriced headbands and scarves that I decided to perfect my own! I do all of the designing, photoshoots, manage the shop, fulfill orders, and navigate MRC social media!

Mila is my creative muse for our little business who is occasionally forced to say cheese! ;) 

Jeremiah is my Chief disrupter who's primary responsibility is providing relief to rest from my sewing machine and is great at enforcing mandatory breaks for snack time!

Dada is our biggest cheerleader and is the best business adviser.

Each Mila Ro + Co item is hand sewn and love goes into every detail!
We're not only here to sell headwear accessories, but also to embrace creativity, woman entrepreneurship, and positivity!

Mila Ro + Co is sold exclusively at Desert Nest Co!
At MRC, you will find H A N D M A D E headbands for adults, children, and babes as well as turbans, hair scarves and so much more! All of our styles come in limited quantities to ensure uniqueness - so once they're gone, they're gone!

Handcrafted right here in our own backyard, Joshua Tree, CA! 

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